Happy PCOS Womb Programs

Our programs help you improve your fertility and get pregnant naturally with PCOS

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3 Months Group Coaching

alternatIVF's Group Coaching gives you an online course, an online community, online video lessons, and online group coaching. Receive guidance and support from Carmen in a group. Learn from others, build habits that last a lifetime, and significantly improve your fertility.
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3 Months Personalised Individual Coaching

Enjoy all benefits of our Group Coaching and added weekly 30-minute private phone calls with Carmen Mair. Receive individual attention to help you troubleshoot and personalize your fertility program.
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12 Months Personalised Couple Coaching

We commit to achieving your pregnancy within 1 year or we work with you until you are pregnant. This is our most personalized approach to reversing infertility. Get personal coaching with Carmen Mair, personalized meal plans and supplement recommendations, and so much more. When you conceive during our program we will provide individualized prenatal support for the remainder of the program. *Terms and Conditions apply
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Why We Are Different

alternatIVF blends mindfulness with holistic health coaching. We get you pregnant but also improve our PCOS symptoms for good.
Our personalised approach, based on your unique biology, is designed to uncover the missing pieces of your fertility puzzle.
We take the time to empower you with clarity around the causes of your fertility issues and how to get pregnant and better for good.
We guarantee your pregnancy within 1 year with our 12 months program or we work with you for free until you are pregnant. *Terms and conditions apply


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How The PCOS Fertility Programs Work

Truly heal… from the inside out! If you’re trying to do the right thing but you’re still not getting pregnant, this program will help you understand why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and what you can do to heal your PCOS-struck womb.
Healing the reproductive system is like an onion. Sometimes you have to peel back the issues one layer at a time, getting deeper and deeper until you hit the root cause of your fertility problems.
Improving PCOS-related infertility and getting pregnant is not a quick fix. Our programs are not your typical ’10-day magical cure’. The programs are a long-term solution that allows you to go at your own pace and get pregnant, whether your PCOS symptoms are mild or severe.